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Peter Bunce, treasurer and dear friend

Penny Little, the Founder of Little Foxes, warmly remembers Peter...

Peter2.JPG Peter was my very good friend.

I first met him in the early ‘90s, when he became involved in the campaign to ban hunting.

Over the years, Peter became more than my colleague, he became my friend - my very dear friend.  I valued his friendship enormously, and we  had long conversations about everything under the sun. I believe in the afterlife although Peter did not and I told him that one day I would definitely find him just so that I could say, as I said to him so often, and no doubt so annoyingly, “There you are, I told you so!"

Peter was kind, humorous and principled.  He was a good listener, he cared about the underdog, and he would always help anyone who was in trouble.  He was passionately opposed to cruelty to animals, and he was prepared to put time and effort into changing the things that needed to be changed.  

He was a believer in decency, honesty and fair play, and he was always an adherent to those high standards in which he believed.

Peter was always thinking of Tricia, always trying to avoid causing her any worry or anxiety, and he was always high in his praise of her integrity.

Another example of Peter’s kindness was his involvement with the charity Little Foxes Wildlife Rescue, which I run from my home.  He was a Trustee of the charity, and he also kindly took on the role of Treasurer.  Thanks to Peter’s methodical and thorough ways,  our accounts were in safe and efficient hands.  He also played a practical, hands-on role with the rescued animals, willingly transporting casualties to and from the sanctuary, and also helping with releases.  He always showed great interest in the animals themselves. He particularly enjoyed seeing each year’s intake of little fox cubs.

Since his tragic death, many people have spoken to me about their memories of Peter.  I have many, many memories of Peter which will always make me smile.   

Peter kept his car very clean and tidy - mine, in contrast, is always a tip, being more of an animal transporter than anything else.  I remember so well his look of mingled disbelief, and fascinated horror, whenever he surveyed the interior of my car.
None of us can remember Peter without a smile, a smile of affection, of remembered jokes and remembered conversations, of pleasure in shared successes.  But above all a smile of loving remembrance of Peter the endearing, clever, funny man, the generous friend in need, the modest and remarkable man that he was.
Penny Little, Founder of Little Foxes

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